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Broward County, in South Florida, is proud to be the home of the Mister Goodmath Program. It was initiated to improve students' critical thinking and problem solving skills. Mister Goodmath (retired Broward teacher Mike Rooney) conducts workshops for teachers, students, and parent groups featuring a variety of math topics. For information on workshops for your school, click the “Workshops” button in the sidebar menu.

An additional feature of the program is, the Mister Goodmath website, where students can access real life word problems . By visiting, students may enter the "Cool Challenge" problem menu by simply clicking on "Cool Challenges”. This allows them to solve any number of problems using more than a dozen Process Problem Solving strategies. Solutions can easily be emailed to Mister Goodmath where all submissions receive a timely response.

In an attempt to involve parents, business, and community leaders Mister Goodmath also provides a page for a "Guest Problem". By accessing this page, guests are encouraged to submit a problem of the week suitable to children in grades one through six. This feature was added in an attempt to allow students to see first hand how mathematics is used in the real world on a day to day basis by a wide variety of people.

Another feature, "Mom and Dad's Corner" is a way to get valuable information or downloadable material to parents. This page was added at the request of a number of moms and dads who expressed an interest in being able to help their children with math while at home. Valuable web links and requested PDF files are shared. Click on “Mom and Dad’s Corner” in the sidebar to access this page.

An important role of the Mister Goodmath program is helping teachers become more comfortable with the subject and improving their competency in mathematics instructional techniques. For example, to enable teachers to tailor math lessons for students of all learning styles, the program introduces them to a variety of computational systems and problem-solving strategies not readily found in textbooks. Again, for information on staff development activities at your school, click on the “Workshops” button.

The philosophy behind the Mister Goodmath program is that students can become most proficient in mathematics when they learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Accordingly, the program teaches alternative computational systems specific problem-solving strategies and attempts to compensate for the limitations of basal textbooks while accommodating differences in student learning styles. A favorite Goodmath belief centered on students learning math is that,
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try another method.